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I am writing from Iraq again.  I know you speak Spanish and of course English. But do you also speak any other languages?
(Question from JT from Austin, Tx)

Dear JT, I also speak Italian. That’s about it in the languages! Take care of yourself and thank you for all you are doing! Safe trip home!  God Bless you!

Dear Olivia…never stop acting! You are brilliant. I just wanted to ask what has been the hardest moment of your career? (Question from Ralph Williams in England)

Dear Ralph, hopefully I will continue to act for a long time to come. I think the hardest part of my career is now as there is such a shortage of good roles for older woman. It seems too bad really as I think actors in general get better later on as they gain more experience with life. I did get the role of a dream recently and just did finish it, playing Mother Teresa! So I feel fortunate. It will be out I hope sometime this year!

If one wanted to become an actor/actress, what would be the best advice you could give them? I would really like to pursue acting, but I’m not sure about how to do that because my parents aren’t too thrilled with the idea.(Question from Jean Tiffenberg in Englewood, NJ)

Dear Jean, I don’t know how old you are so it might be hard to give you the right advice, but I can say if you are in school get into any and all the theater groups you can. Be sure to finish your schooling! If you already have finished then stay in theater groups and just watch for any opportunities you can to act! It is not an easy life but rewarding if it is what you love!

Hi, Olivia, I’m your fans from Hong Kong and I’m just want to tell you I like ‘Romeo & Juliet’ so much and I see it many many times. Hope you and your family good health. Have you ever visited Hong Kong? Bye.  (Question from Kwan in Hong Kong)

Dear Kwan, Yes, I made a film in Hong Kong about 16 years ago and although the film was not very good I loved Hong Kong and all the people! You have a very beautiful city!

What did you feel working in Sri Lanka, and what was the best you have seen there? (Question from Guillermo in Buenos Aires, Argentina)

Dear Guillermo, I waited 20 years to play the role of Mother Teresa.  So I was very happy to be playing it and filming it in Sri Lanka! There I became very humbled by the wonderful people I met who all seemed to have joy in their hearts despite their material shortcomings. They had a strong belief in the higher power and I found that to be the “ best thing” about Sri Lanka! Thank you for writing!

Olivia, Did you have fun working with Margot Kidder and Keir Dullea while filming Black Christmas? Its one of my favorite films from the seventies. (Question from Elizabeth in Manchester, England)

Dear Elizabeth, yes, I had a wonderful time shooting Black Christmas! I was 22 years old and just happy to be away working! I had just had my first son Alex after a long difficult pregnancy….I’m glad to see that Black Xmas has become such a “cult classic.”

I’m 10 years old. Thanks for the photos. Were you nervous when you auditioned for the role of Juliet? (Question from Oriana in Los Angeles, Ca)

Dear Oriana, YES! I was very nervous for my audition for JULIET! Zefferilli saw 800 girls for the role in England alone! It was a lot of pressure at such a young age to play that role but very well worth it! Especially when I really got the part!

Hello! Our english class just finished our unit on Romeo and Juliet and we watched the Romeo and Juliet movie you were in. What was it like running around in those huge dresses? (Question from Celine in Taiwan)

Dear Celine, I hope you enjoyed the movie. Each costume weighed over 20 pounds which made it very difficult and HOT to work in them. Also it was summertime  in Italy and the costumes all had very tight lacing underneath!

How much time did you spend in preparation for your part as Juliet? (This is from my Advanced English 9 class in Elsinore High School, Lake Elsinore, CA. Question from Monique Rukasin)

Dear Monique, for about two months Leonard and I worked 4 hours daily with a dialogue coach.  Then we began shooting.  Thank you for your question!

How do you keep your weight under control?  Do you have a vegetarian diet?  Do you exercise?  Also, what color are your eyes?  They photograph so many different colors.  Thanks, Olivia and Alex, for this wonderful site! I’m thrilled to see the family pictures and the updates.  You are special, Olivia! (Question from Julie Bricker in Indiana)

Dear Julie, I was always 20 or 30 pounds overweight when I was younger. After the birth of my last child my metabolism changed and I now eat everything, but in moderation. I  go to a gym and I love to walk.  My eyes are hazel though leaning towards green depending upon what I am wearing.  Thanks!

“Jesus of Nazareth” is such a phenomenal work.  Your performance was extremely moving.  How would you describe your experience on the set of the film?  How much of a challenge was it for you to play the Virgin Mary? (Question from Roberto J. Grau in Chicago, Il.)

Dear Roberto, As an actress the role of Mary was not a huge challenge. The most important thing for me to remember was to keep everything I did very simple and neutral.  A little ethereal if you will.  It was a difficult shoot though from the aspect of having to leave my son Alex, who was 4 at the time, in London with my mother while I worked for the 8 months.  I missed him terribly.  I spent a lot of time stranded in my hotel between my work days.  That made the Mary role most difficult!

What’s your favorite book? Thanks much! (Question from Nathally Cespedes in Southern California)

Dear Nathally, very nice name you have!  I loved reading “The Far Pavilions” by MM Kaye. They made a mini-series out of it, though it wasn’t very good. The book was wonderful.  I also loved “Shogun” and “Gone With the Wind” which I was reading while I shot Romeo & Juliet!

Who was the nicest star to work with on the set of “Death on the Nile”? (Question from Martin O’Keefe in Lancaster, England)

Dear Martin,  David Niven!  He was a joy! Peter Ustinov was also lovely as was Angela Lansbury.

I know a lot of “Death On The Nile” was filmed in the studio, but did you get the chance to explore some of the ancient Egyptian monuments that look so interesting and beautifully photographed in the film? (Question from Carolyn Laugharne in Reading, Berkshire, Great Britain)

Dear Carolyn, we worked about 14 hours a day and really did not have much spare time to sight see. I would love to go back to Egypt some day on a vacation. Thanks!


If you weren’t an actress, what other profession could you see yourself doing? (Question from Satine in London)

Dear Satine, since I’ve been acting since I was eight, I can honestly say that there is no other profession I would prefer. If it had not worked out, I would have tried interior decorating which I enjoy.

Have you ever visited Australia? (Question from Dmitri in Australia)

Dear Dmitri, yes, I made a film in Australia back in 1981 called Escape 2000.  I loved it there.

What is your favorite vacation spot? (Question from Allison Chase in Detroit, Mi)

Dear Allison, I simply love Hawaii.  Kauai in particular.

What was it like working with Anthony Perkins in “Psycho IV”? (Question from Anthony in Ocala, Fl)

Dear Anthony, it was exciting but at the same time a little sad.  We all knew he wasn’t well at the time and that made it a little difficult.

Leonard Whiting is soooo handsome.  Are you still in touch with each other? (Question from Jenna in New Jersey)

Dear Jenna, yes, Leonard and I are great friends!  He came out to visit us a couple of summers ago.  I love him a lot!

If a film were made about you life, who would you like to play you? (Question from Sara in the UK)

Dear Sara, to be totally honest with you, I would like to see a total unknown actor portray me.  I really don’t know of anyone today who reminds me of me!

Olivia, if there is one person in the world you would really like to meet, who would it be? (Question from Paul Robins in Guernsey)

Dear Paul, I’ve met so many wonderful people as well as worked with them.  The one person I had the opportunity to meet but was too shy at the time was Bob Dylan.  I think he is absolutely great!

I Know you left England to live in the US quite a while back, but do you make return visits very often and is there anything you miss about England? (Question from Patrick in Bristol, England)

Dear Patrick, thank you for writing!  Yes, I do visit England as much as my schedule permits.  Though not as much since my mother passed away. I have very fond memories of my childhood in England and always will.

What kind of character personality do you like playing best? (Question from Ayar in Australia)

Dear Ayar, thank you for writing!  I love playing crazies!  I very much enjoyed my work in Psycho IV.  I also would love to play more comedy.

Do you ever plan to write an autobiography? (Question from Yvonne in Georgia, USA)

Dear Yvonne, I am in the process of writing my autobiography as we speak.  I hope all will enjoy it.  It has been a very interesting process.