Summer Update

Hi everyone! How time is flying by! Since my last note to you all I have become the grandmother to a beautiful boy Greyson who is absolutely wonderful! Our daughter India has continued to work on several independent films as well as some television films and starts a new film in the next month. That in itself keeps both David & I on our toes!

Speaking of David he has returned back to his music and is in the middle of a new album which should be available in the next few months.

And I have finally finished my biography! Written with my son Alex it was a labor of love, much time and reliving things all over again in my mind. He worked hard pulling things out of me I had totally forgotten. But it is NOW in a real book for all of you to hopefully enjoy. Very interesting process to say the least. Strange to go through your life in such a defined and thorough way. Some happy moments, some sad but MY moments nevertheless. Hopefully I will be bringing it to you later this year.

Also there is a company out of Ireland that are putting a film documentary on my life together as we speak! I believe they would like to premiere that around the 50th anniversary of Romeo & Juliet. So that will be a little bit down the road — more as I know it.

All this being said I truly hope you are all well and thank you for your continued love & support and promise to keep you updated much more frequently! Until then I wish you all good health and happiness, and look forward to our next visit.

With Love & Light always,



  • Olivia

    Thank you Peter???Very sweet love Olivia xx

  • Peter

    It’s late but congatulation! Still fans are here in korea! You was every man’s dream in korea long time ago and still some of my friends collect your picture. I’m 20 right now and I admired you a lot in boyhood? Always wish best time for you and I appreciate for your astonishing films!

  • Olivia

    Thank you Tony what a lovely message?I send you much love and light,Olivia xxx

  • Tony

    Thanks to your movies I discovered Shakespeare, Zeffirelli, Nino Rota, Melanie…..and I fell in love with each caracter you’ve played: Juliet, Val, Cicily, Maria…I think it’s all about the magic of the cinema and undoubtedly the light in your beautiful eyes. Wish you all the best with all my heart!

  • Olivia

    Thank you Christine for your message?In my way I have actually enjoyed playing most of the roles I’ve done ….Juliet,Mary and Mother Teresa were my favorite roles as I love playing ‘special’ and interesting women??love Olivia xx

  • Olivia

    Hello Edgar,thank you for your message…in between scenes I rested learned lines … rode a bicycle around the studio… chatted with Leonard…and was a teenager on an adventure??Love Olivia xx

  • Christine McClain

    Always admired your work! Romeo and Juliet and Jesus of Nazareth are my favorites. I also saw you in a sequel of Psycho. You did a great job playing someone with a dark side, was it fun to play such a character? What is the character that you most enjoyed playing?

    The picture of you, Greyson, and Alex is adorable! I taught preschool for 30 years. It’s kind of like being a Grandma in that you send them home at the end of the day (with love of course)! I couldn’t spoil them like a grandma, but I did as much as appropriate for a teacher.. Don’t have kiddos of my own.

  • Edgar Watson

    Hi Olivia, I admire you so much, I have a question, what did you do on your free time between shots on Romeo & Juliet? I hope you have a good day.

  • Olivia

    Hello Michael thank you for your message?If we do decide to do more personal appearances I will be sure to add it here on my web page … in advance so people have a chance to hear about it. The last appearance Leonard and I did was December 2016 -and it was advertised only very little ( as it was a spur of the moment decision) I only shared it on my Twitter and Instagram the day before..and the venue still sold out.. which pleasently surprised us andctold us there are still so many people that want to see us live??It’s a great compliment and we may do more next year as it will be the 50th anniversary of our Romeo&Juliet ??love Olivia xx

  • Michael Torno

    Hello Olivia; my introduction to you was as Mary in JESUS OF NAZARETH. I subsequently saw you in several other projects on either cinema and television and like many, you more than others in the same role define Juliet to me. I wonder if there will be plans to make another live appearance at a question and answers session and if so, where?

  • Olivia

    Hello Lillian… we have tried to email you several times and our email keeps bouncing back to us… maybe you have another email?love Olivia

  • Olivia

    Thank you Norin very kind??love and light to you,Olivia xx

  • Norin

    I’m so pleased to have found this site! I’ve been a fan for so many years. Anxiously awaiting your book release. Much congratulations on the new grandbaby!

  • Olivia

    Hello Laurie?Thank you for your message.My memoir is going with photos to the publishers next week?It will be out sometime in 2018!I will be posting information on that as soon as I have dates.Love and light,Olivia xx

  • Laurie

    Hi Olivia- It’s July 2017, and I’m wondering if there is any information on the release of your autobiography, the book that you mentioned here. I’ve searched and can find nothing. So looking forward to the read.

    Thanking you in advance,

  • Olivia

    Yes I am Cassie?Thank you for your sweet compliment???love Olivia xx

  • Cassie

    Are you vegetarian ??
    Youre so pretty…. The real Julietta

  • Olivia

    Hello Susanna,thank you for your sweet message?I loved playing Mother Mary and of course it was a joy to work with Franco Zeffirelli again.Congratulations on your grandson.. they are such a joy aren’t they❤️I send you love and light always,Olivia xx

  • Olivia

    Hello Lynette..Summertime Killer(at the time)made more money on its release than the French Connection?It still to this day has many fans. I loved working in Dpain and Christopher and I had a good working relationship..Karl Malden was wonderful and I saw him again in Hollywood while he was shooting ‘The streets of San Francisco… a lovely man!As was RAF Vallone.Im so glad you enjoyed that film, it was fun to make.Love and light,Olivia xx

  • Olivia

    Thank you Frederick, I just saw your message??I send you love and light,Olivia xxx

  • Olivia

    Thank you Mario…I’m always honored and grateful to hear that my work is appreciated?I send you love and light,Olivia xx

  • Olivia

    Thank you Joseph for you lovely message…I worked in Australia years ago snd thought it was one of the most beautiful places on earth!you are lucky!I send you and your family love and light,Olivia xx

  • Olivia

    Dear Olga,thank you for your beautiful message?It’s always such a joy to me to read or hear that we touched someone’s heart and life?The many fans all over the world even today make Leonard and I so grateful and so happy to have been a part of such a sweet and classic’expression’of love.Im so glad that you and Leonard are friends..he’s a special human being and we are still close.I hope we get to meet one day?Stay well and I send you love and light,Olivia xx

  • Olga

    Dear Olivia, the three of you changed my life back in 1972 when my grandparents took me to see RJ. On a rainy October day in soviet Moscow. Behind the iron curtain. I don’t think you can imagine what it was for me then. What it made of me as a person and as a woman. Thank you! 25 years later a miracle happened – I met Leonard! And we’ve been friends since then and with his wonderful Lynn! I am so grateful for this chance though express my feelings for you!

  • Patricia

    Olivia dear
    I will ask Ciro to send me a copy of the boom to México city

  • Olivia

    Thank you Marina??Casting directors had nothing to do with them Sr two roles .. it was Franco Zeffirelli who picked me and cast me in both those roles??

  • Marina Barnett

    I second all the above comments. I loved you so much in Jesus of Nazareth and Romeo and Juliet. As other have stated, the casting directors couldn’t have chosen a better actress for both parts. Thanks for your work in portraying such icon women so well!

  • Isabelle

    Wonderful to hear from you Olivia! I remember you since you’ve chang3d my life with Romeo and Juliet

  • Steven Perez

    I was always in love with you growing up after seeing Romeo & Juliet and till this day I would marry you in a heart beat. 😉 May God keep you and yours safe and always out of harms way. btw, you still look Fabulous.. 😉

  • Lillian Zeltser

    Good Evening Olivia,
    I am an Australian producer, who met you few years ago at the organic bakery in Beverly Hills, where you had b’fast with your lady friend (dancer?) from New Zealand.
    I am reaching out to you because I am hoping to present to you my new film and ask if you would be interested to play a leading role in it… I’ll put it simple – You have a great talent and there is a role, which no one would be able to play as well as you would!
    Please let me know if you are interested and I will fly to US to present it to you.

    Have a beautiful day,

  • Joseph Buttigieg

    Hi Olivia
    I have a daughter 35 years old and me and my wife Mary named her Olivia after you of course. I’ve been following your movies since the days of ‘Romeo and Juliet’ . I have a copy dvd of Jesus of Nazareth and watch that every year, usually around Easter time. I agree with the other comments, you were perfect to play the part of Mary. By the way, have you ever been to Malta? That’s where I was born, now live in Sydney, Australia.

  • Mario Daigle

    Hello Olivia~
    First of all, congratulations for your grandson Greyson! :-)♥
    I first “discovered you” in the beautiful movie(and my favorite of all) “Jesus of Nazareth” many years ago. They could not have chosen a better actress for that very special role. You were perfect! “You looked so pure and innocent” just like we would have imagined Mary. What struck me the most about you, are your “big & beautiful deep piercing eyes!!” and angelical face…Thank you for these memorable souvenirs. Best of health! 🙂 Mario

  • Frederick

    Dear Olivia!

    You are so very special for many!
    Your Juliet was and still is so touching and unforgettable!

    Happy Birthday!!!
    The best wishes to you and your beautiful family!


  • Lynette Lickley

    You were memorable in RJ, JN and BC but another movie I recall you for was The Summertime Killer. The reason had to be caused because you played a strong character and not naïve. Was it wonderful working with Raf Vallone and Karl Malden? It was true they added chemistry to their relationship Did you have much contact with Christopher Mitchum during filming or was it a working relationship because both of you were married. Did you wanted to bring something new to Tonia because this movie reflects the background of the actors too? It feels good to speak to one of the stars of a movie that is hard to find. Have a nice day.

  • Susanna

    Hi Olivia
    I have just been watching Jesus of Nazareth as I do every year on the anniversary of my darling fathers passing four years ago. It was his favourite TV production ever and actually inspired him
    and my mother to travel to Jerusalem shortly afterwards. I miss him so very much and feel closer to him when I watch it. I was a young teenager when I first watched it here in the UK & I remember thinking even at such a young age how PERFECT you were as Mary. I went to a Catholic convent school and as a treat we were allowed to watch it during Religious Education. I think I even drew a picture of you during one of the lessons ! 😉 Congratulations on becoming a grandma ! Isn’t it amazing. I am the grandma of an 18 month old boy called Rory who is just amazing and such a light in my life.
    My very best wishes to you and your family.
    Susanna x ( UK )

  • Olivia

    Thank you Stephanie you are very sweet???love Olivia xxx

  • Stephanie krebs

    Congratulations on becoming a grandmother. Greyson is adorable and very lucky to have such a beautiful grandmother. May God Bless you and your family always. Throughout my life Romeo and Juliet and Jesus of Nazareth have been in my top ten movies. You are a very talented actress and should have been nominated for an Oscar for both. ??

  • Olivia

    Muchas gracias Victor eres muy amable???

  • victor sanchez

    Hola Olivia.Es un honor poder dedicarle unas palabras, casi todavia no puedo ni creer que esté escribiendo esto. me supera, pero una inercia que no se ni como explicar me anima a ello. he descubierto este blog observando sus peliculas, maravillosas, no sabria con cual quedarme y decirle que me parece una mujer bellísima ademas de una encantadora y estupenda, siempre en la mejor situacion,acriz.De toda la vida ha estado entre mis mujeres favoritas. un beso muy grande. un afectuoso saludo. y mucha mucha suerte para todos sus proyectos. nunca he sido un idolatra pero con usted no tengo mas remedio que romper esa regla.

  • Olivia

    Thank you Samantha it’s always lovely to hear???

  • Samantha

    Hi Olivia! I know you must get comments like these all of the time, so I’ll make it short. I just wanted to say that I absolutely love you as Juliet and I watch the movie a lot. Thank you for portraying her!

  • Olivia

    I will let you know if I ever come to Norway?????

  • Julia Fredrikke

    Wow, Olivia, thank you so much for your answer! I have always known that, if I have a daughter, she will be named Olivia, after you <3 If you ever plan on visiting Norway, I would love to meet you! You are most welcome 🙂 Have a wonderful day, you totally made mine as well <3 Lots of love, Julia Fredrikke.

  • Olivia

    Thank you for your beautiful message Julia???It made my day today???Thank you so much ❤❤

  • Olivia

    Thank you Donald what a lovely thing to say????

  • Donald Graft

    Dear Olivia,

    Thank you for the joy you have brought to so many lives.

  • Julia Fredrikke

    Dearest Olivia. You have been a role model to me since I was a little girl. I first discovered you in a Jesus from Nazareth book at my Grandma’s when I was about 6 years old, and I just fell in love with your beautiful eyes. I then saw you in Romeo and Juliet; and what a talent. There is something very special about you, you are very special, and I simply adore you. I can’t imagine what I would feel like if you answered me, my biggest role model through my childhood and still! Sending you lots of love from Norway. Love Julia Fredrikke <3

  • Olivia

    Dear Christine I learnt the whole script in a couple of hours… I was so excited to. E playing Juliet that it was a joy to learn!Love Olivia xxx

  • Olivia

    Thank you Holger so happy to know that you lived our production love Olivia xx

  • Olivia

    Thank you Geniene…I’ll be posting when the bio is available ??Love Olivia xx

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