Summer Update

Hi everyone! How time is flying by! Since my last note to you all I have become the grandmother to a beautiful boy Greyson who is absolutely wonderful! Our daughter India has continued to work on several independent films as well as some television films and starts a new film in the next month. That in itself keeps both David & I on our toes!

Speaking of David he has returned back to his music and is in the middle of a new album which should be available in the next few months.

And I have finally finished my biography! Written with my son Alex it was a labor of love, much time and reliving things all over again in my mind. He worked hard pulling things out of me I had totally forgotten. But it is NOW in a real book for all of you to hopefully enjoy. Very interesting process to say the least. Strange to go through your life in such a defined and thorough way. Some happy moments, some sad but MY moments nevertheless. Hopefully I will be bringing it to you later this year.

Also there is a company out of Ireland that are putting a film documentary on my life together as we speak! I believe they would like to premiere that around the 50th anniversary of Romeo & Juliet. So that will be a little bit down the road — more as I know it.

All this being said I truly hope you are all well and thank you for your continued love & support and promise to keep you updated much more frequently! Until then I wish you all good health and happiness, and look forward to our next visit.

With Love & Light always,



  • Nate

    “She speaks!
    Oh speak again bright angel!”

    Oh Olivia I regret watching Romeo & Juliet.
    For I a bachelor who longs for a Juliet
    though brief this sadness may be
    my bright angel will surely come to be

    look at me go rhyming *hah*
    O where art thou my Juliet

  • Olivia

    Hello Kesha .. I am praying for you perfect health???God bless you xxxxx

  • Olivia

    Thank you for your lovely message Charles … go to my official web page Olivia and go to my shop .. you can order the photos you like from there??love Olivia x

  • Charles Phillips

    As an English teacher, I have taught Romeo and Juliet for years. I’m retired now. My daughters have idolized you since they were small. We replay your movie for classes and for my family.

    I would love to give my daughters an autographed picture of you for Christmas. Hopefully you have those from the movie. I would be happy to pay for them. My youngest wrote you a letter when she was small. I’ll try to find it and send you a copy. Looking forward to your book.

    Thank you in advance. Can you put for Amy and Courtney on the pictures respectively. Thank you for bringing Shakespeare’s play to so many children.

  • Kesha

    Hi Olivia,

    I am 22 years old and I recently was diagnosed with stage 3 lymphoma. I have been suffering with health issues for several years. Since I was very very young actually. My mother lives in England and I am here in America for treatment. I was wondering if you can just keep me in your prayers because all I really want is to go see my mom. ?

    Thank you so much for your time ?

  • Olivia

    Hello Britney.. thank you for your message..I’m
    Sorry to hear about you mom .. I will pray for her.. people overcome Brest cancer now .. so stay strong.Tell you mom to ass supplements and juice with fresh fruits and vegetables as that helps her immune system stay strong ?❤️Google natural aids for aiding with breast cancer ❤️❤️❤️?????love Olivia xxx

  • Britney Benefield

    Hey Olivia can i get some advice on something my mother was just recently diagnosed with breast cancer and i was wondering if you could be in my prayers tonight? Thank you Britney Benefield

  • Olivia

    Thank you for being compassionate to him Ronald ????

  • Ronald Gelderbloem

    Hi Olivia,

    Thank you Olivia,
    I think its not about knowing you or the idea about who you are, it could be, but i think it is more the thin lines between, desire and obsessed, sometimes people can’t see the difference because of the emptyness deep in their hearts. Look to the people who photograph you (i believe you call them papparazi) they are never fullfilled they always want more, but it never last. If you go to an venue and remember these words i say to you (propably you know better then i do). But nothing of earth can fill that emptyness, for example; you can never fullfill mine as i can never fullfill yours, it could be helpful but it can never be fullfilled i believe only God can do that.

    I think it is the same to the people who proposing you, because they feel they could be identyfied with you (trying to fullfill that emptyness), but they cant because you’re already married. the deepest desire of an human being is to be loved. You’ve said it yourself in the role of mary in the movie you played in Jesus of Nazareth. “everyone who obey the father in heaven, is his brother, his sister, his mother” therefor we must see God in everyone (even in our worst enemies) because “God Is Love”.

    Sometimes it happens to we monks too, sometimes woman write us letters and asking for a relationship or sometimes a step futher and that we step out of the congragation. But i always give woman who desire that in the hands of our dearest Lord and mother Mary.

    Im always be praying for you and your family for happiness and good health and that God Gives his most Holy blessing.

    In Christo et Maria xxx,

  • Olivia

    Thank you Ronald and thank you for helping that man understand .. I have had many proposals over the years .. it’s always been hard to understand how someone could want to propose to me withought knowing me- it’s because people fall in love with the idea of me and I understand how that can happen!Thank you gorvgelping him ?I wish him peace and hope he meets someone perfect for him?Love and light always,Olivia xx

  • Ronald Gelderbloem

    Hi Olivia,

    Yesterday a man has suprised us to visit our monastery and he asked for me, he said he was your biggest fan and that he was in love with you. He thought that i know you personally and he asked me alot of things and even he told me that he wanted to propose to you one day.
    I had to explain you have a wonderful husband and a wonderful family and that you are very happy at the moment. I told him to love you like a sister (in the way i see you), and that he must pray for your happiness and good health, i told him Olivia needs that way more than that you propose to her. After that he began crying and i had to comforted him.
    We gave him coffee and he has eating with us, eventually he understood the message i gave him. We prayed together for you and your family and eventually he left in peace.

    I hope i helped you and that man? and forgive me if i broke his heart. And i ask you if you can forgive that man as i forgive him (he also is a child of our God).

    My Prior (head father) insisted to tell you what happend.

    In Christo et Maria,

  • Olivia

    Hello Britney thank you for your message.. I will post more info on when my memoir is released once I have dates?As far as asking for help ??and sailor Moon things I don’t really understand that message .. maybe I sent a multiple message about prayers .. whenever anyone says they are praying for me I always say thank you we all. We’d all the help and prayers we can get .. maybe that was it! I am fine and I hope you are?Love and light Olivia xx

  • Britney Benefield

    Hello Olivia how are you doing at the moment on your autobiography what date will it be released next year and i wanted to invite you to messenger through facebook i noticed you sent me a saying on facebook about some things i have available like old DVDs of Sailor Moon from the 1990s and you said it was a prayer that you needed help.with something i also follow you on instagram and hope you have a blessed day. Love Britney Benefield

  • Olivia

    Thank you and the other Brothers Ronald?????

  • jay naiker

    Hi Olivia.
    So good to read your blog…you still look stunning after many years .
    I just watched Romeo and Juliet again and brought so many memories when I was 9 .
    So good that you are so social and that we can communicate…not many movie stars are like that…Hoping to meet you you and say Hi…I still love are truly the most beautiful lady i have laid eyes on…What movies does India star in? would like to see those.

  • Ronald Gelderbloem

    Hi Olivia,

    Today we celibrate mass with mass intention for you, today me and the other brothers we were singing the whole day with our intentions and lots of animals and birds did join us haha.

    This weekend our Prior (head father) allows us to watch the movies you make (Jesus of Nazareth and Madre Theresa) after that we must write what scene inspires us and why. It feels for me you enter a littlebit in my personal life haha and that without seeing you physically haha but you are here spiritual i hope.

    I pray for you and your daughter India, you’re standing not alone we are with you in good and in bad times. we like to make a treasure in your heart (like Jesus said in the Holy Gospel).

    In Christo et Maria xxx,

  • Olivia

    Thank you Ronald a mass would be wonderful .. we can never have too many prayers???I think!I will tell India .. and I have not tried those bitters though I think I would have a very hard time swallowing them?So glad you buried Olivia kindly?Love Olivia xx

  • Ronald Gelderbloem

    Hi Olivia,

    Oliva (chicken) has died unharmed we gave her a small funeral. if i may help you, i can do an intention for the Holy Mass for you (that the good Lord give his blessing to you). 2nd did you hear about swedish bitter of Maria Treben it is very good for your health and i make and use it all the time for anything (flu, colds and cuts ect.). its a very old natural medicine. i take a small teaspoon a day, it is very bitter but i hope it can help you.

    I looking foward to read your memoirs i hope it is inspiring and i understood your daughter India has her desired acting carreer, if you see her tell her i’ll pray for her to.

    In Christo et Maria,

  • Olivia

    Hello Ronald..yes I remember you and I’m sorry Olivia chicken passed away???I hope it wasn’t painful for her!I am not making any films right now .. this has been a year of looking after my health and finishing up my memoir which will be released next year! I send you love and light,Olivia xx

  • Ronald Gelderbloem

    Hi Olivia

    i hope you remember me? (the monk from belgium)
    Great blessings with the family expansion.
    The chicken i named after you has died :(.
    Are you making new movies at the moment?.

    In Christo et Maria, xxx

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