Olivia & India in London

India and I while shooting the film "Social Suicide" in London.

India and I while shooting the film “Social Suicide” in London.


  1. Glenn Wakeling
    December 15, 2016

    Hi Olivia, Just wanted to Wish you a very Happy Christmas may it be full of Light and Love. And all good wishes for the New Year ahead. God and Divine Mother Bless you and your Family. Love and Light Glennxxxxxxx

  2. Olivia
    July 9, 2016

    Thank you Ruska how sweet of you🙏🙏love Olivia xx

  3. Ruska
    July 9, 2016

    Love you Olivia, you’re gorgeous <3

  4. Olivia
    July 8, 2016

    Thank you Matthew… My eyes are green as are my daughter India’s😀😀😀yes,India and I both have a great love of animals… And always have a few rescue dogs at home with us😀😀A house is not a home without animals in it❤️Kindness and compassion for all living things is our family motto🙏Love and light,Olivia xx

  5. Matthew Noah Komorowski
    July 7, 2016

    Olivia, you and India are both sooo beautiful! I watched you in “Romeo & Juliet” (1968) in ninth grade English class, and I just felt sooo touched by the character you played! Your brown hair, blue eyes, and face are “very pretty!” Same with your daughter India! She’s also “gorgeous!” But, most of all, I can tell you are a “strong hearted” person! Your love for animals, and your family is very heartwarming! Thank you for your time.

    Sincerely, Matthew Komorowski
    Fargo, ND

  6. Olivia
    June 18, 2016

    Thank you Abby❤️🙏India just finished two Indy films and is starting another one in July…she loves to work😀Stay well Abby,love Olivia xxx

  7. Abby
    June 18, 2016

    She’s very lovely like you, Olivia! I hope she’ll gain more projects in the near future. Love, Abby from the Philippines

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