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Hello everyone, I hope this note finds you happy and well? Sorry for the long period between updates. As you may or may not know we have been very busy as of late watching the career of our daughter, India unfold before us. After her role in Underworld Awakening which has gone on to be the largest grossing in the franchise, India now embarks on her first starring role in the feature film “Kite” which starts filming in South Africa, February, 2013. As you can imagine David and I are very proud of her!

As for myself I have picked up the pen again and continue my memoirs which I hope to have finished soon. It has been a long journey writing it and as I think I maybe coming to a close something interesting seems to happen which keeps me writing! I will keep you all updated as to when it is ready to be released. seo links . dns database I hope you all continue throughout this year in good health and happiness and want to let you know, from the bottom of my heart, “Thank you” for your continued devotion, love, letters and well wishes. Although I try to answer all your lovely letters I know there are some I just can’t reply to. Please know I read all of notes and you are all in my heart. Until the next time, Thank you! With Love and Light!


  • Olivia

    Dear Rizwan thank you for your very sweet message?I hope you get to watch my portrayal of the Virgin Mary in Jesus of Nazareth and also of my performance of Mother Teresa of Calcutta in the film Mother Teresa?I would love to know if you enjoy those performances too as they were very close to my heart❤️Love and light Olivia xx

  • Rizwan niazi

    Dear Olivia,
    Rizwan here from Pakistan just saw you movie. I have to say that I loved you in your version of Romeo and Juliet.
    I loved your style acting wowwwww.. I am in love with your style. Lovely eyes you have. I googled you tonight i am so happy to you there every where.
    Would love to see you. I will research your movies.
    Love you.


  • Addison Durrence

    Thank you Olivia for the sweet compliment. I will always love Romeo and Juliet and I will always love you. And yeah you never know, I might meet you and the cast of R&J one day.

  • Olivia

    Hello Addison,( lovely name).. Thank you for both your sweet messages and thank you for loving our Romeo&Juliet so much!What an honor for us!Maybe one day we can all meet you never know! I stopped smoking many years ago- horrible habit!I send you love and light always,Olivia xxx

  • Addison Durrence

    Dear Olivia,
    I have to say that I loved you in your version of Romeo and Juliet. And that you and Leonard Whiting are my favorite people in the movie. Although I’m 12 yrs old And I was born in 2004 I can say that I’ve seen the movie a million times and it gets better and better every time.

    This movie makes me wish I was born back then because it’s so sweet and touching and the acting was amazing. I’ve already shown a few friends the movie and they liked it although I LOVE it. If I could ever get the chance I would like to meet you and Leonard Whiting. And I have a tiny question to ask , do u still smoke?? It’s stupid to ask I know but i saw an interview that u did and you had a smoke so I was just wondering.

    With great love,
    Addison Durrence
    Savannah, Georgia

  • Addison Durrence

    Olivia I would love to meet u in person. I love your movie Romeo and Juliet from 1968 makes me wish I was born back then. My name is Addison and i’m 12yrs old

  • Kelly W Vail


    I was going through my music list this afternoon and came across various versions of the “A time for us”. Some better than others, but they all seemed to hit the mark for the memories that they bring to mind of watching
    “Romeo and Juliet”.

    Although its hard to believe, but in 2018 it will be fifty years since the world was introduced to your beauty.

    Do you know of any plans to celebrate this beutiful representation of one of Mr. Shakespeare’s most loved works? I am sure that many of your fans would be overjoyed and cherish a chance to watch yours and Leonard’s representation of Juliet and her Romeo on the big screen.

    Love and joy to you and your close ones. Thank you for what have given to your art and the world.

    With all sincerity,
    Kelly W Vail
    Salt Lake City, Utah

  • Max Miller

    I just watched the 1968 Romeo and Juliet movie at school and I must say you were pretty damn attractive back then and I was wondering if you’re a Christian

  • Amelia Tillman

    Dear Olivia – Thank you for your lovely message. I completely understand. I will tell her that she can send you a message thru this webpage. You are most gracious to take the time to write to your fans. We are writing to you from sunny Tallahassee, Florida!

  • Olivia

    Hello Amelia thank you for your lovely message it means a lot to me to hear from people who are still enjoying our work so many years later????The only way I communicate is through my web page .. I hope you understand but I get so many requests and if I privately communicate with one person I would have to do that with everyone.. As all my fans mean equally as much to me ????????❤️Love and light to you both Olivia xxx

  • Amelia Tillman

    Good Morning Olivia – I was so surprised to find your site! I do remember watching you in Romeo & Juliet when I was much younger – at the drive-in! One of my favorites and most memorable movies. I’m now sharing the movie with my 15 year old daughter. She fell in love with the movie and wondered how anyone could be so beautiful and captivating. The movie helped her understand the play and ace the test in her history class! Her name is Amoreena and I wish she could talk to you. Even at 15, when there are so many other high-tech movies, videos, etc. – she found Romeo & Juliet to surpass all of these. Can she write to you? Thank you for helping so many understand the beauty of this story.

  • Olivia

    Thank you Peter … I’m always surprised at how many people love bed Lost Horizon .. It was voted one of the worst 10 films ever made????????and yet it has a following????????Thank you????Love Olivia xx

  • peter

    Hi Olivia, I have been a fan for such a long time. One of my most favorite memories was seeing Lost Horizon when I was 8 years old. My mom dropped me off to see the matinee. You were wonderful in it. To this day Lost Horizon remains a favorite. Wishing you the very best!

    Pete Garcia

  • Olivia

    Yes Bernard may he RIP ????????????????Love Olivia xx

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