Welcome to my new site!

I’m happy to report that the site refresh is complete!   I’ll be working to keep this site updated with my latest activities, including my work with animal rights and the blossoming career of my daughter India Eisley.  I’m also grateful for the opportunity to interact with both long-time and new fans, and will be developing the online store to offer more movie memorabilia as well as my own design creations in the coming months.   Thanks for visiting, and stay tuned for more!


  • Olivia

    Thank you Candy??How sweet you are! Love Olivia xxx

  • Olivia

    Thank you for you lovely message Millie..you never know … if we ever come to Georgia I will be sure to let you know????Have a wonderful Thursday?love always Olivia xx

  • Millie Martinez

    Hi Olivia, I find it so overwhelming that I can write to you and you respond back to me. I would have never imagined that I could do that. When I saw R&J, I was so in ahh and infatuated with you. You were so beautiful and you still are to this day. I went to the theater so many times to see the movie and every time you are first seen, it was and still is a breath of fresh air. Your beauty and your eyes are so mesmerizing. I love all the movies you have been in for I am a devoted fan, but R&J will always be my favorite. I have a few pictures of you framed and hanging in my house. I just love you!!! I just wanted to tell you that and I have also told you that we share the same birthday. When I found that out, I was so excited about it. I wish I could actually meet you and have a picture together for my memorabilia collection, but if I had one, of course I would frame it. HaHa!! Maybe some day, that will come true. I hope you do something special for the 50th Anniversary of R&J. I wish you could come to Georgia. I wish you much love and good health and so happy for your daughter as well. She is beautiful just like you!! Take care!!

  • Candy brock

    I saw Romeo and Juliet when I was 16 and cried my eyes out..good news is people would stop me on the street thinking I was you!! I have seen it 25 times now and it’s a classic..i still resemble u a bit..love ur work!!

  • Olivia

    ‘Love give me strength!’Romeo I come this do I drink to thee?

  • Michael Klein

    Do you remember when you recited, “My love is boundless. The more I give to you the more I have”

    Could you please recite a line from R & J to me..to treasure? Pretend I’m Romeo.

  • Olivia

    Hello Kurt,thank you for you lovely message.I have just signed a worldwide deal with a large publisher to release my biography either later this year or in 2018 which would be the 50th year of Romeo&Juliet … so I’m hoping you will wait until my biography comes out…love Olivia xxx

  • Olivia

    Hello Marianne, yes we remember you and those beautiful towels?That was a fun evening and it might be nice to put together more fun evenings with Leonard to celebrate Romeo&Juliet andvits 50th year( in 2018)….Love Olivia xxx

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