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    We went with my high school English teacher on a 1974-1975 field trip to see this Romeo & Juliet. Olivia, you were awesome and I have never forgotten your beauty. Seeing the movie tonite brought me back to those wonderful days in high school where we read the book and saw the movie. Be blessed always!

  • Gwendolyn Gould

    Greetings, Olivia! Your talents have inspired me for many years, as I was your age when you portrayed Juliet in 1968. Your acting in this classic, as well as in “Jesus of Nazareth”, came across to me as exceptionally real and natural. In emotionally charged roles like these, only truly gifted actors such as yourself show a self-aware maturity that makes the actor stand out. While your personality exists apart from these artistic roles (though some people feel they “know you”), nevertheless I feel you must possess a positive and compassionate heart to be as blessed as you seem to be. Thank you for sharing your gifts and acting skills with us all.

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